What We're About


Anyone who’s enjoyed a quiet afternoon swinging on a front porch or walking in a pristine city park by the fountain knows what Small Town America truly is.  If you've spent an extra 10 seconds at an intersection waving the other car through and know your pharmacist by his first name, you know about Small Town America.  If you see an elderly gentleman pick up his pace a bit as best he can to open the door for you or watched all eight of the folks at the table next to you put their heads down unpretentiously before lunch, you've been been to Small Town America. 

Sure, big cities are exciting and there's so much to do.  But if you can't wait to get home where you know everyone and everyone knows you, where the neighbor has already watered your flowers and you find a bag of tomatoes on your front porch, you're probably blessed beyond measure to live in Small Town America.  This is Inverness, we are Inverness, this is home.